Henrietta McKervey – author

Henrietta McKervey is a Dublin based author of four novels, most recently the critically acclaimed A Talented Man. The Irish Times called it ‘an utterly absorbing, atmospheric, beautifully written novel.’ In her interview with Sonnets and Dirty Dishes, Henrietta reveals that she was a slow starter when it came to writing – arriving at itContinue reading “Henrietta McKervey – author”

Liz Gill – Screenwriter and Director

Liz Gill is a screenwriter, director and producer, best known for her tenderly hilarious 2003 film, Goldfish Memory, which won 16 festival awards internationally and 9 IFTA nominations, including best film, director, and script.
For TV, Liz has directed a diverse range of shows, from soaps such as Eastenders to the surreal and side-achingly funny series, Hardy Bucks. She is currently working on the Netflix series Valhalla, a spin-off of Vikings on which she worked extensively as a producer.

Enda Wyley – poet

The Irish Times lauded her as ‘a true poet.’ Another review celebrated her ‘imagery, honesty and insight.’ Since her first collection of poetry was published in 1993 (with the gloriously playful title, Eating Baby Jesus) Enda Wyley has steadily built an impressive body of work. To date she has published six collections of poetry andContinue reading “Enda Wyley – poet”