Deirdre McLoughlin – ceramic sculptor

With work in permanent collections all over the world and a steady stream of solo and group shows internationally since 1974, Deirdre McLoughlin’s art is instantly recognisable. Working almost exclusively with ceramics using a traditional coiling method, Deirdre’s sculptures seem to embody both unapologetic strength and a sort of tenderness of form.

Rachel Parry – visual artist

Born in Cambridge, England and a graduate of Goldsmiths Art College in London, Rachel Parry made her way in the 1970s to the most southerly tip of Ireland to settle on the Beara Peninsula. Her sculptures draw on images from myth and archetype which are grounded through Rachel’s instinctive connection with her materials. Rachel often works with found objects and natural materials that are imbued with meaning of their own.

Ria Czerniak LeBov – visual artist + musician

Ria Czerniak-Le Bov is a visual artist and musician, someone whose drive to create finds outlet in many different forms but with one unifying force. That force is Ria’s clarity of vision – the way she looks at the world from sometimes startlingly original angles, and her extraordinary ability to capture with images, words, and melodies, the beauty and strangeness that she sees.

Daisy Richardson – visual artist

Daisy Richardson has been making art for as long as she can remember. It has taken her on incredible painting adventures from India to the Galápagos Islands and granted her the opportunity to travel across Europe and through China by train to paint people’s portraits along the way. Life is more settled since completing her MA at the Royal College Art in London but her work is as adventurous as ever. She currently lives and works in Scotland.

Daisy talks to Sonnets and Dirty Dishes about the importance of sketch-booking when studio time is limited and how she found art could help others.