Maggie O’Dwyer – poet and artist

Maggie O’Dwyer is a poet and artist, living and working in Dublin. She has published three books of poetry, and her collection Laughter Heard from the Road was shortlisted in 2010 for the Rupert and Eithne Strong Award for Best First Collection. There is an arresting freshness and immediacy to Maggie’s poetry. Often as saturatedContinue reading “Maggie O’Dwyer – poet and artist”

Enda Wyley – poet

The Irish Times lauded her as ‘a true poet.’ Another review celebrated her ‘imagery, honesty and insight.’ Since her first collection of poetry was published in 1993 (with the gloriously playful title, Eating Baby Jesus) Enda Wyley has steadily built an impressive body of work. To date she has published six collections of poetry andContinue reading “Enda Wyley – poet”